Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy

The Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy (BPCA) is one of the India’s most preeminent cricket coaching academies, since 1986. The fact that nearly every distinguished State or National cricketer from Karnataka has honed his game at BPCA is testimony to its rich success.

BPCA’s coaches are highly certified former State and National players who have coached 1st Class, Ranji and IPL Teams. Its cutting edge resources and facilities, emphasis on modern cricketing techniques and fitness, sporting intelligence, and exposure of overseas tours attracts students from across the globe.

We offer:

  • Cutting edge resources and facilities
  • Modern cricketing techniques and fitness
  • Sporting intelligence
  • Exposure of overseas tours
  • Students from across the world

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Upcoming Camps

(Saturday & Sunday Only)
Jun 9th to Feb 3rd, 2019

Palace Grounds (Directions)


Coming from Mekhri Circle you will pass Gayathri Vihar gate on your left. Proceed further to find a Skoda showroom to your right. Take the left turn into the gate next to the Grand Castle gate opposite the showroom heading into palace grounds. This road leads you to the ground.

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Registrations open at venue. Call Mr. Kamal Tandon +91 98440 36023, Mr. Chetan. N +91 98800 43858 or write to us at for more info

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